Book our latest selection of Add-ons to reach the ultimate nail appointment experience. Not bookable by themselves.

Hand and foot massages, IBX treatment, broken nail repairs, SPA Manicure and pedicure, Callus Removal, Gel Polish Removal.



Gel Polish Removal

£10.00 20 minutes
ibx treatment in londonfamous names ibx treatment london

IBX Treatment

£15.00 20 minutes
broken nail

Broken Nail

£5.00 10 minutes

Broken Toenail

£10.00 10 minutes

Marine SPA Pedicure

£20.00 20 minutes
callus removal

Callus Removal

£15.00 15 minutes
mobile foot massage

Foot Massage – 15 minutes

£15.00 15 minutes
hand massagecnd almond hydrating lotion

Hand Massage – 10 minutes

£10.00 10 minutes
nail extensions removal

Extensions Removal

£50.00 1 hour