Scratch Snap November 2019Nail Art Competition Winner

Scratch Snap is a monthly held nail art competition by Scratch Magazine.


I entered Scratch Snap in November 2019. The topic was ‘The Sky at Night‘. As it was around Guy Fawkes Day, I decided to base my inspiration on a bonfire and fireworks display. I am extremely happy to say that I won the challenge and that I would love to try again in a few months’ time. I value competing as it pushes my creativity, research and skills development.

scratch magazine snap november 2019 winner night sky nails

“I thought this entry had such detail in the design!” says Toni Larkin. “The theme was obvious straight away and the nails were used as a continuous canvas. It felt like it was telling a little story. The nails are neat and uniform and the focus of the photo was definitely on the nails and no other objects. Really brilliant work!”

as seen on Scratch Magazine