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What is Navy Pro Tools?Values/ Marketing Approach

Let’s do a Navy Pro Tools Review.

Navy is a popular manicure tools brand. Its target audience is professional beauticians. Their titanium coating and signature hygiene systems make them stand out from the crowd.

They are setting a NEW British standard and they pay great attention to precision and hygiene which I greatly appreciate as a mobile nail tech.

Titanium Coating

The brand claims that their tools are uniquely covered in titanium. I’ve seen many other brands that state that they are using titanium for their tools. They have the same golden colour. However, I am not sure if it is the same kind of product. I haven’t tested them nor have I seen them in person to compare.

The titanium coating helps to prevent bacteria from sticking to the tools. This combined with the correct cleaning procedure makes these tools ideal for nail technicians or beauty therapists.

navy pro titanium cover

Navy Pro Hygiene System

navy pro hygiene

Image from navy’s website

Navy Pro offers a 3 steps hygiene system. It is a fast and easy way to clean and disinfect in between clients. It will not leave your tools rusty and it is approved by NHS Trust Director of Infection & Prevention Control

This system replaces the use of blue style disinfectants and other styles of disinfecting. 

Wear and TearIs the titanium coating wearing off? Did they change the design and coating? Review

On the pictures, the cuticle pusher, Doris, was used for 8/9 months. The broken cuticle nipper for 6  months. The new cuticle nipper for 2/3 months.

It seems like the colour fades over time and the surface is not scratch resistant. But the tools are still perfect for use and are sharp.

I believe, they may have changed the design of Katey (nippers) and possibly the coating because it still looks almost brand new even though I have used it for a few months.

Customer Service ExperienceWhat happened when my cuticle nippers Katey broke after 6 months of use?

broken cuticle nippers from navy

My Katey Nippers broke and I contacted Navy to see what the next steps are. I got a fast and friendly reply and received new nippers in a few days.

I did not have to send in my old nippers and I got a new pair straight away, so no need for repair.

navy pro tools customer service email


navy pro tools packaging

The packaging always looks amazing. The tools come in perfect condition and you also receive a few gifts, including biscuits and tea. Furthermore, with this package, I got a FREE Navy Pro Hygiene Wash which I am currently using and loving.

Pros and Cons


  1. Design – Once you get used to them you won’t use another brand anymore
  2. Fast and friendly customer service
  3. Got a replacement for my broken tool in a few days of getting in touch with the company
  4. Beautiful packaging with gifts inside
  5. Sharp – Even though the tools look worn out after a few months, they remained sharp
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Bacteria can’t adhere to them


  1. Slow Delivery – Currently there is 4-8 weeks pre-order time
  2. High Price – Cuticle Nippers for £52
  3. Wear and Tear – not a scratch-resistant surface, golden colour may fade overtime
  4. My nippers broke after 6 months of use
navy pro tools review

I am not a brand representative. Therefore, this Navy Pro Tools Review is completely honest.

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