Nailympia 2018Nail Competition Winner

Nailympia is an international nail competition. It is considered one of the leading and most prestigious professional nail competitions in the world. Currently it is held in 6 Countries and the contestants come from all over the world. You may say that it is the Olympics in the nail industry.


In September 2018, after being open for business for about 9 months, I decided to compete in Nailympia, London. I entered 5 categories which assess creativity and skills. I challenged myself in Soak Off Gel Manicure, Salon Nails, Mixed Media, Runway Nails and Reality Nail Art.

velis nailympia model
Niki Nikolova Nailympia Triple N Mobile Salon Award Winner Gel Polish

I ended up in the top 3 for Soak Off Gel Manicure category and left with a bronze medal and a big smile on my face.


It was both stressful and amazing. The experience pushed my limits and artistry. I learned how to work faster, I improved on my technique and I was inspired to keep aiming high.

For Soak Off Gel Manicure we had 30 minutes to do a French Manicure on one hand and Classic Red on the other.

nailympia gel polish winner
salon nails nailympia london

Salon Nails was a category in which we worked on one hand only. We did French (Pink and White) Nail Extensions using Acrylics. The judges compared the looks of the hand ‘before’ and the hand ‘after’.

Runway Nails had a concept theme based around Audrey Hepburn. We had to create 3 nails that fit the brief and can be used on a Runway show.

nailympia runway nail audrey hepburn

Mixed Media was a creative piece of artwork drawn on 10 nails with different sizes. We had full control over the theme and materials used.

Reality Nail Art was interesting because we were given images of 3 women and we had imagine they are our clients and to come up with designs that would suit their life style/ age/ look.

nailympia winner triplensalon