Nail RebalancingCorrection and transformation of the structure of nails

Beautiful, strong and even nails by nature are not found so often.

Moreover, when the nail is short, it can look completely normal, and when growing back, it can bend up or down, thereby spoiling the shape. This can be on one, two fingers or all at once.

You can either grow your nails only to the length at which the bend is not yet visible or fix them with extensions.

Reasons why your natural nails don’t grow perfectly:

  1. lack of vitamins and minerals in the body
  2. nail plate is dull, brittle and thin


To improve on these factors you can take tablets designed to promote nail health and use cuticle oil at least twice a day.

The Main types of nail growth

Nail extensions are a great solution for those who want to adjust the shape or length of their natural nails or just keep their hands well-groomed for a long time. However, even this duration is relative to how fast your natural nails grow and their shape. According to the growth trend, nails are conventionally divided into a few types:

  • straight
  • growing up / ski-slope
  • growing down / peak / claw
  • twisting
  • getting wider / flatter


As practice shows, the majority of people don’t have picture perfect natural nails. If you have straight beautiful nail plate you should consider yourself very lucky.

What can I do to help you?

The natural nail on which the artificial material is held grows at an approximate rate of 0.5-2 mm per week. Therefore, by the 2nd week its base (cuticle area) will differ from the previously done manicure. In addition to the purely aesthetic side, prolonged appointments can cause significant damage in the form of cracks, loss of strength and lifting.

The more often you visit me the better looking your nails are going to be. A 2 week growth will be visible and your natural nail shape would have had an effect. I can fix that and you will have straight nails for another two weeks. However, if you come on week 5, your nails will have grown a lot more and the shape may be drastically changed. By changing shape, the nail coating is forced to change form as well. It may not be flexible enough to do that which will result in lifting and nail breakage. In that case, you can choose to remove your old set and do a new one or do a rebalance. Both options add more time to your appointment. Complete removal is £50; or nail rebalance is £5 per nail on top of your infill price.

Nail form correction can be achieved with Acrylic, Acrygel and Hard Gel. Gel Polish manicures are only for beautifying and slight improvement on your natural nails strength thus they cannot be used to fix the structure of the nail plate.

rebalance of acrylic nail

In some cases a simple change of shape and length may be enough to restore the balance and beautiful look of the nail.