How to fix a Broken Nail at home AND give it ApexINSANE Trick for Strength - Tutorial

Today I am going to share how to fix a broken nail at home if you can not book an appointment with a professional.

You will need:

  • Nail File
  • Nail Glue
  • Scissors
  • Teabag
  • Top Coat
  • Polish or Gel Polish (optional)
how to fix a broken nail at home

Step 1.

How to fix a broken nail at home: Buff the top coat of the nail using a nail file (if you have extensions or gel polish on). You need to remove the shiny coat so that the surface becomes dull and rough.

Or Use Acetone to dehydrate your natural nail plate and then slightly buff the nail with the nail file. You just need to scratch the surface, not actually file the nail

step 1 buff the top coat. fix broken nail

Step 2.

Appy Glue on top of the whole nail and press down on your broken bit so that it glues back fully. Wait at least 15 seconds before letting go.

Make sure there is glue in the gap between the broken nail and the nail plate so they stick well.

apply glue
press it down broken nail repair glue teabag

Step 3.

Cut the teabag into small pieces. They should be big enough to cover 1/4 of your nail.

cut the teabag

Step 4.

Apply nail glue on the crack and place the first teabag piece on top. Make sure that it completely covers the whole crack and it is not touching your skin. Put more glue on top.

glue again
nail repair i broke my nail extensions
apply teabag

Step 5.

Repeat with a few pieces (at least 4). Glue each one at a slightly different place. Make sure that you put one at each edge and one at the back of the nail.

nail repair wiht apex at home

Step 6.

Wait for the glue to completely dry (usually 5 minutes). Then grab the file and start filling the uneven surface. Start with the sidewalls and free edge. The shorter that you make the nail – the stronger it will be. Make sure that the sidewalls are straight and smooth.

Then start filling the top and sides. Do not over file. You just want to smooth the nail, not remove the tea bags.

broken nail fix file

Step 7.

If you are happy to leave it with that colour you can now apply top coat.

Optional: I decided to cover my nail with red nail polish because the teabag that I used was giving me a cloudy look and I did not like it.

You can either use a nail polish or gel polish. The gel polish will give you more strength but it is not necessary.

Paint the nail. Wait for it to dry and apply a top coat.

Make sure that you paint the edges as well to seal the product and smooth the nail even further.

red nail polish

Why does this technique work?

The teabag technique works because it kind of looks like the professional’s use of silk wraps. Silk wraps are pieces of fabrics that are wrapped around the nail and are used to make it stronger. They were very popular treatment in the 80s but then the acrylics came around and the silk wraps kind of faded away. Learn more about silk wraps here.Learn more about silk wraps here.
The reasons they’re strong is because of the fibres inside. Something similar is happening in the teabag so if we just layer it’s kind of creating the same effect. We also want to use a few pieces of the fabric because we want to create an illusion of the apex.

Final look with Apex

Apex is usually the highest point of an extension it is placed in the weakest point of the nail to give it strength and balance. This usually sits in the back 1/3 of the nail enhancement. Read more about it here.

apex on a short nail
apex placement
how to fix a broken nail at home and give it apex to make it strong. insane trick for strength

I hope this method answered your ‘How to fix a Broken Nail At Home’ question. Feel free to email me with any questions: [email protected]