How to Book A Mobile Nail Appointment | Triple N Mobile Salon

How to Book?

Click on the calendar

Choose a date and time from the calendar. All availability is up to date.

If  you do not want the appointment you have selected, go to ‘My cart’ from the menu and delete it.

The appointment time will be reserved for you for 1 hour. If you do not pay the deposit within that time, it will become available to the public again and someone else can book it.

Log in or Register

Once you’ve selected your desired date and time you will be requested to log into your account or to create a new one.

Parking instructions

If you are booking for a mobile appointment, bear in mind that I will be driving to your location. I carry very heavy equipment and I need to be able to park as close to your address as I can.

I know lots of areas in London require a parking permit in order to stop on the road. Most are active only in certain hours of the day. Eg. Mon-Friday 9am-5pm. In that case you are going to do both me and you a big favor if you book your appointment after 5pm.

You will be given a few options:
– You have a driveway or it is free to park on your street at that time
– You can provide a parking permit for the time being
– You are willing to pay for my parking ( even if you select that option, I will try my best to find free or the cheapest parking in the area)
– You are not going to pay for my parking charges (I reserve the right to cancel your appointment if after paying for the parking I am not making any profit)
– Not applicable as you will be coming to my home salon. Parking on my street is free.

Select your treatment

If you don’t select anything from at least one of the drop down menus you won’t be able to proceed with the booking.

Try to be as accurate as possible as I need to allocate the correct time for your appointment. 

Eg: Booking for a Full Gel Polish Pedicure and Acrygel full set of extensions with gel polish on top. Your hands and feet are free of any product.

Click Continue

A booking fee of £15 is to be paid next. It goes towards your treatment price on the day. You are not booked in my calendar until I receive that payment.

If you want a mobile appointment, you will enter your address in the next page and a travel fee will need to be paid (if applicable in your area).

These are refundable if you decide to cancel more than 24 hours before your appointment time.

Checkout Page

If you got something wrong, go to ‘My cart’ from the menu, delete the appointment and go to the calendar again.

Otherwise, continue with the checkout.

Fill in your billing details

Billing details can defer from the location that you want me to come at. 

Mobile Appointment Address

If the address that you want me to come at is different than the billing address, then check the box and fill in the new location.

Disregard if booking an appointment at my home salon.

Add any additional information

If you want any nail art, additional treatments, repairs, etc then, please, enter them here as they require more time to be booked for you.

Please, enter any parking instructions. Eg: Let me know if you live in a private street with a gate that I need to enter a code to etc.

Check your order again

Make sure you are booking for the correct treatment and correct date and time. If you made a mistake, go to ‘My cart’, delete the appointment and go to the calendar to start again.

If you want the same time you just tried to book for but it is not available, wait 1hour and it will be in the system again. Alternatively, message me on 07850383220 and I will release the time again ASAP.

Mobile Appointment or at Triple N Home Salon

After entering your address you will need to select an option from here. 

Some addresses require a minimum spend to be able to be booked as a mobile appointment. You will be prompted to change your treatments if you want me to come to your location but have not reached the min spend, or you can decide to come to my home salon in Tulse Hill.  If you need to change the treatments or time, go to ‘My cart’ from the menu, delete this appointment, go back to the calendar and select an earlier time or different treatments)

Some addresses are free and some require a booking fee.

In the example picture, you could chose to pay £10 for me to come to your address or you could decide to come to me for free.

The new total will be of your Booking and Travel fees, the rest of the money is paid at the end of your appointment. I accept cash, pay-pal or direct bank transfers.


You can pay with either Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal or Card. Your appointment is not in the system and not approved until I receive the payment.

Read through the terms and conditions and check the box that you have read and agreed when done.

Click ‘Book Appointment’.


Thank you!

You will receive a confirmation email ASAP. Check your spam folder or text me at 07850383220 if you had any problems.

Thank you for booking with Triple N Mobile Salon! I will see you soon <3 

Ready to Book?

Triple N Salon moved! Please, notice the new travel charge to your area and my new base address. Appointments at Triple N Home Salon, Isleworth are no longer available. Dismiss

Triple N Salon moved! Please, notice the new travel charge to your area and my new base address. Appointments at Triple N Home Salon, Isleworth are no longer available. Dismiss