How to Book an Appointment?

This is a guide on how to book an appointment using Triple N Salon booking system.

In the demo I am showing how to book for a Gel Polish Manicure Design with a removal of your previous Gel Polish and then book a simple Gel Polish Pedicure with Gel Polish removal straight after.

Mobile Version

Desktop Version

how to book 1

Click on the menu.

how to book 2

Open the ‘Book Now’ menu and click on the Manicure Designs.

how to book 3

Scroll until you find a design that you like and then click on its name.

hoe to book 4

Scroll down and fill in all required * details.

Pick your nail length. Size guide is available below the ‘Book Now’ button.

If you are booking for Gel Polish on Natural Nails pick your current nail length.

If you are booking for Extensions pick your desired nail length.

This part is optional. Pick any extras that you would like. In our case we want to book for a Gel Polish Removal as well.

Gel Polish removal is included if you book for Extensions Infills so you do not need to select it.

Select a start date and time for your appointment. Knowing that you want to book for a pedicure as well, please browse until you see at least 2 hours of appointment slots available.

Eg if you book the manicure design (2h) and removal (20min) for 12pm, and you want to book a pedicure (1h) then the 2:30pm slot should be shown available as well.

Once you are happy click on ‘Book Now’. If this does nothing, scroll back and see if you have missed filling any of the required * fields.

If the booking is succesfully added to your cart you will see a message in green.

If you want to continue booking you can go back to the menu and browse your options. We want to book for a simple Pedicure so we will go to ‘Book Now’

Click on Basic Treatments to find the pedicure.

Scroll and find the Pedicure

Fill in the required fields and chose any extras if you want to.

In our case we are booking for a Gel Polish Pedicure with Gel Polish Removal.

Note the time of your Manicure Design is 12pm. The appointment is 2h long and 20min for the Gel Polish Removal. So book the Pedicure for the 2:30pm slot. If the slot is not available that means I have another booking and the two treamtnets cannot be done one after the other on that day.

You can find another day that works. To do that clock on the ‘Bag’ icon at the top and delete the Manicure appointment. Then start again.

If you cant find time slots which are next to each other you can book the appointments for different days. Eg the manicure on Monday and pedicure on Wednesday. If you want to make this easier, you can pay for your first booking and then book and pay for the second one.

Click on ‘Book Now’ and if successful you should see the green message.

When you are ready with your booking – click on ‘View basket’

Check if everything is correct and scroll down to the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button

If you are an existing client click on ‘Click here to login’.

Otherwise, proceed to filling the details below.

If you are booking for a Mobile Appointment at an address different than your billing address eg Hotel, then click on the checkbox and fill in the new address.

Add any notes to your appointment.

For example, do you have a parking permit that I can use? Is your street private? Is there a code for entering the building? Describe how I can get to you if you know your address is hard to find. Do you want any changes to the design? Colour preferences? etc

Check how much you will be charged for the mobile appointment at your chosen location. You can also decide to book the appointment in Triple N Home Salon – located in Tulse Hill, SW2.

Due today is the amount you owe at the time of booking. It consists of £15 booking fee for every treatment and any travel charge if applicable.

Future Payments is the amount you will owe after you appointment is done. This can become more if you add things such as glitter or broken nail repairs; if the parking in front of your house is not free; if you live in the congestion charge zone etc.

Pick a payment method.

Read out policy and click on the checkbox to agree to it.

Click on Book Now when you are ready.

If you have booked successfully you will be redirected to a Thank You page and you will receive a confirmation email.