What is required from you?

Prior to the appointment:

  • You will need to make your booking online and read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • At the time of booking, you will be required to pay a booking fee and travel charge using a card or PayPal.
  • Fill in a Client Consultation Form – the questions are about your general health and allergies and is located in your profile 
  • Fill in a Covid-19 Form – the form will be emailed to you 2 days before your scheduled service and should be completed at least 2 hours before the appointment time. The form is online so it is quick and easy to do. The questions are about symptoms of the virus. Failure to submit the form on time will result in the cancellation of your appointment.

2 Hours before your appointment:

  • Find a tidy space in your home, close to a window
  •  Prepare a seating area for yourself

At the time of your appointment:

  • Ask other household members to stay in another room or keep at least a 6feet distance from the service area
  • Put a mask on before opening the door
  • Scan out track and trace QR code
  • Wash your hands before you sit at the table
  • Limit touching. For example, leave your phone away from the service area

After your appointment:

  • If you show any symptoms of the virus soon after your appointment, please let me know.
  • If there is a problem with your nails contact me as soon as possible
  • If you would like to express your honest opinion about my services, please leave a review on Google or my facebook page
  • Feel free to tag me @triplensalon on socials if you post your nails.

What if you show symptoms of the virus before your appointment time?

  • Please, get in touch as soon as you experience any symptoms of the virus. We will cancel your appointment and reschedule for a future date if that suits you. The cancellation policy still applies.

What if you show symptoms of the virus after your appointment time?

  • If you or anyone in your household who was present during the appointment shows any symptoms related to Covid-19 within 7 days of the appointment, please, get in contact with me immediately.

How do I ensure safety?

How I ensure safety:

  • I am licensed and I have learned about infection control principles and took a certification.
  • I take rapid Covid 19 tests twice a week – on Monday and Thursday. In the case of a positive test, all near future appointments are cancelled. My 14 day self-isolation period begins. No more clients are booked until 2 negative tests are attained.
  • I do not book more than 3 clients per day, leaving big gaps in between appointments. During my breaks, I disinfect all hard surfaces, change towels and disposables. Put the waste away and swap the dirty tools to sanitized ones.

Do I wear PPE?

  • I am wearing full PPE  – face visor, disposable mask, disposable apron, disposable gloves and disposable shoe coverings

How is my equipment cleaned:

  • I use disposable tools when possible.
  • New files for every appointment.
  •  My gloves are changed after each service.
  • Metal tools are cleaned, disinfected and then sterilized in an autoclave. The sealed sterile pouch is opened in front of you.
  • The table is provided by me. It is clean and disinfected. Then it is covered with clean towels.
  • The desk and LED lamp are disinfected after each client.
  • The pedicure bowl is disinfected, pedicure liners are disposed of after each client.

What do I bring with me:

  • All equipment is brought by me including a portable table, seating for myself, clean towels, desk lamp, extension cord.
  • For pedicures, I also provide everything including a vibrating spa foot bath with disposable liners to ensure a perfect clean
  • I also bring a hand sanitiser and soap, under nail brush and a disposable mask in case you need it.
  • The only thing that will be required from you is your own seating area

My set up:

  • I use either disposable tools or I sanitize my metal tools in an autoclave. They are stored in a sanitary pouch and opened in front of you.
  • I bring everything I need and I quickly set up the workspace.
  • My table is covered in clean fabric towels and disposable paper towels.
  • I spay your hands with sanitizing hand spray and cleanse your nails with 99% isopropyl alcohol before starting the treatment.

How is the payment done?

  • The booking fee and travel charge are paid at the time of booking. The rest of the payment is due after the appointment with a preferred payment method by bank transfer or PayPal.