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Abstract Flower Nail Art

£70.00 90 minutes

Simple and abstract nail design. Colours can be changed. Style shown is a Medium Nail Length !!

Pay a deposit of £15.00 per item
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Are you an Abstract Nail Art Fan in London? Do you like simplicity and clean designs? Are you in desperate need of a nail artist who comes straight to your door and works till late?

If yes – then this might be the perfect design for you! You can alter the colours, nail shape and design. Get it as a gel polish on your natural nails or make your nails longer with extensions. You can chose between Acrylic Extensions, Acrygel Extensions and Hard Gel Extensions. Style shown is a Medium Nail Length !!

The price for a Full set or Infill/Overlay is the same. Gel polish removal is included if you book for an infill and your current set was done by me.

Broken nail repairs is £5 per nail. If you need more than two repairs or want to book for any other extras, please go to Add-ons

To add a pedicure, please visit Pedicure Designs

*If you book for a Gel Polish on Natural Nails Manicure and have a previous gel polish design on, then you need to book for a gel polish removal as well.

Manicure Types

Gel Polish on Natural Nails – please, chose this option if you are happy with the length and strength of your natural nails.

Acyrlics – Perfect for creating extra long nails. They are durable but for some clients they look too bulky.

Acrygel – If you need length but want to keep the nails thin and natural looking Perfect for building short to long nails. My preferred method of working; 90% of the people pick Acrygel – AKA Polygel.

Hard Gel – For short/medium nail length or natural nails overlay This is a popular method in Eastern Europe and Russia.

For a more detailed description, please read my blog on Extensions types and which one to chose.

What is included?

Gel Polish on Natural Nails:

Cuticles are pushed and cleaned using an e-file. They are trimmed if needed. Nails are filed and shaped. The nail is prepped and gel polish is applied followed by the design.
Previous gel polish removal is not included in the base price and needs to be chosen from the extra options or by going to the add-ons.


Whether you need a full set or infill the price is the same. Infill price includes gel polish removal, if previous set was applied by me.

Cuticles are pushed and tidied using an e-file, nail forms are placed, Nude/Pink or Clear coloured Acrylic/ Acrygel/Hard gel extensions applied. Nails are shaped in the desired form. The design is done with gel polish. The manicure ends with bringing the nails to high shine using gel polish top coat and application of cuticle oil.



Removal of gel polish is not included in the base price.

Broken nail repair is £5 per nail. The nail is sculpted using your desired method – acrylics, acrygel or hard gel.

IBX treatment is a perfect add-on if your natural nails are weak, damaged or break easily. This is not a one off treatment. It should be done every 2 weeks. Results start to be visible from the first time.

Hand Massage is done using Almond lotion. Please, do not book if you have a nut allergy.

Spa treatment includes a hand soak in almond bath milk, an illuminating mask and refreshing scrub. Please, be ware that almond is the main ingredient.

To book any other extras such as removal of a previous extensions set or a longer massage, please go to ‘Add-ons‘ and book from there.


Design Alterations

The design can be altered as long as it is the same level of complexity and time taken. For example, you can decide to go for a different colour combination, chose to have the design on different nails, change the shape of the nails etc.

Feel free to contact me if you are unsure.

Mobile Appointments

Mobile Appointments are offered across all London. I also travel further outside of London, please contact me to inquire.

To see the mobile appointment pricing – press on ‘Mobile Appointment Fees’ just below the ‘Book Now’ button and fill in your postcode.

Mobile Nail Appointment Policy or What to expect at your Mobile Appointment

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