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Full Pedicure

£95.00 90 minutes

Treatment includes cuticle work, file and shape and a polish/ gel polish application; spa treatment and callus removal

Pay a deposit of £15.00 per item


What is included?

It includes detailed cuticle work (cuticle push, Russian pedicure e-file techniques), making the skin around the nail soft, preparing the nail plate for polish or gel polish application, file and shape. A choice of normal nail polish or gel polish.

Spa Pedicure – Soak, Mask and Scrub

Callus Removal

There is a limited choice of Nail Polish colours. I highly recommend opting in for Gel Polish (large variety of colours, glitters and nail art options). It is not damaging and lasts longer. The toenails are dry immediately, no fear of smudging and ruining your Pedi.

If you have damaged, broken, uneven, ridged toe nails or if you simply want them longer then add a toe reconstruction from the extras or the add-ons page.

Design Alterations

You can change your mind and have a simple design (eg glitters, french) as long as the time allows it. *GEL POLISH ONLY* I do not do art using nail varnish.

If you plan on having it done then I advise you to book from the Pedicure Designs to avoid disappointment.

This booking does not include Gel polish or Normal Polish removal. Please, select it from the ‘Extras’ if needed.

To add a manicure, please visit Manicure Designs

How often should I book?

I recommend booking for a pedicure every 3-4 weeks to keep your toes and feet looking gorgeous. If you struggle with tough calluses you may want to visit every 2 weeks. 

Toes Reconstruction

Toes Extensions:

If your natural toe nails are damaged, weak, uneven or ridged you may want to add some extra protection or length. We can achieve that with extensions or natural nail overlays.

I offer Acrylics, Acrygel or Hard Gel. Each one is suitable for toe nails reconstruction. My recommendation is Acrygel but you are always welcomed to have a personal preference as well. Eg if you have had acrylics before and were happy with the results, you might prefer that we continue with acrylics.

If your toe nail is completely missing I can still construct one for you. However, the products are not design to stick on skin so there is no guarantee how long it is going to last. I’ve had clients who keep those nails for 2 weeks and others who lose them on the second day. It it all up to your skin and how oily it gets, or what the season is (eg winter socks and shoes may cause sweating or the nail getting caught on the fabric)

The more natural nail you have the longer the extension is going to last.

If you natural nails are weak and damaged I also recommend getting IBX treatments every 2 weeks.


Removal of gel polish or nail varnish is not included in the base price and needs to be booked separately.

Broken nail repair is £10 per nail. The nail is sculpted using your desired method – acrylics, acrygel or hard gel.

IBX treatment is a perfect add-on if your natural nails are weak, damaged or break easily. This is not a one off treatment. It should be done every 2 weeks. Results start to be visible from the first time.

Foot Massage is done using Cucumber Heel Therapy and Marine Hydrating Oil. This is a 15 minute relaxing massage and it is the perfect ending to a long day. The feet are left moisturized and well rested.

Spa treatment includes a foot soak in Marine Mineral Bath with relaxation vibrations from the bowl, an Marine Cooling Masque and Marine Salt Scrub. Feet are left exfoliated, hydrated and soft from the sea extracts.

Callus removal is an amazing add on if your feet feel dry and the skin appears hard. The removal is carefully done using professional hand files, Cucumber Hell Therapy Callus Smoother and polishing techniques.

To read more about the extras or browse for something else, please go to ‘Add-ons‘ and book from there.

Mobile Pedicure Appointment

Mobile Pedicure Appointments are offered in all areas in London.

You can click on ‘Mobile Appointment Fees’ just below the ‘Book Now’ button and enter your postcode there. You will see how much it will cost you and if there is a minimum call out charge.

To learn more about the mobile appointment policy and the additional charges that go with it, please visit Mobile Nail Appointment Policy or What to expect at your Mobile Appointment

Home Salon Appointments

I offer mobile appointments as well as appointments at my Home Salon. Triple N Home Salon is located near Tulse Hill Station, SW2 postcode area. Full address is emailed once you make a booking.

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