Short Nail Transformations

Sometimes your nails can be very short but you want them longer. Typically, how long you can get your extensions depends on the length of your natural nails.


For extreme nail bitters I would suggest that you get a Gel Polish Manicure at least one or two times before your transition into extensions. This will allow you to build some length and strength and will make the extension more beautiful. Biting your nails or skin makes your nail plate more oily, which in return weakens the bond between the product and your nail. This can result in early service breakdown. This is a tough habit to avoid repeating, which may result to you picking off your extensions and damaging your natural nails. Therefore, I suggest at least a month of Gel Polish Manicures and working on stopping your habit before committing to long enhancements.

When you are used to having your own short nails, and then suddenly getting long ones, you may not feel comfortable with them. This may result in using your new nails as tools, or accidentally hitting and breaking them. The best practice is to start with medium length extensions and let them grow over time.

Below are some examples of people who came either with short or bitten nails and with time we transitioned them into nail extensions.

london french manicure
disney nails alice in wonderland london nail art detailed
nail extensions see through encapsulated acrylics london
snowflakes nail design glitter london
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swarovski crystals nails in london stilleto nail design snake
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